Actomins® Collagen Pineapple

ACTOMINS® Collagen Pineapple - Kolajen

kolajen kolajen Tip 1-2-3 Hidrolize Kolajen içerir. Tip 1 ve 3 Kolajen kırışıklıkları en aza indirirken cilt elastikiyeti artarak uzun yıllar sarkmalara karşı korur. Tip 2 Kolajen sağlıklı eklemler için kullanılır. Yaşlanmayla birlikte cildin iç tabakalarında kaybedilen kolajenin kazanılmasını sağlar. Sertifikalandırılmış güvenilir hammadde ve etken maddeler içerir. Herkesin sevebileceği doğal ananas aroması içerir. kolajen kolajen […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 12

Actomins Salt Nr 12 Calcium Sulfuricum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.12 Calcium Sulfuricum Decimal 12 – Food Supplement Containing Calcium Contents No.12 Calcium sulphuricum D6 (calcium sulphate) – salt of purification processes. Calcium sulphuricum promotes cleansing processes in the body, accelerates recovery from purulent processes. Because of these properties, Calcium sulphuricum is used in case of abscesses, boils, papules, pustules, acnes, infected wounds with […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 11

Actomins Salt Nr 11 Silicea Decimal

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.11 Silicea Decimal 12 – Food Supplement Containing Silicon Contents No.11 Silicea D12(silicon) – salt for the beauty of hair, nails and skin. Being one of the components of the connective tissue, Silicea is indispensable for the organism, because it supports the elasticity and firmness of the skin, hair and nail strength, slows skin […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 10

Actomins Salt Nr 10 Natrium Sulfuricum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.10 Natrium Sulfuricum Decimal 6 – Food Supplement Containing Sodium Contents No.10 Natrium sulphuricum D6 (sodium sulfate) – salt of removal processes. Natrium sulphuricum helps to eliminate excess fluid and toxins from the body, stimulates the production of bile, supports detoxification function of the liver, stimulates digestion and helps to keep minerals in the […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 9

Actomins Salt Nr 9 Natrium Phosphoricum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.9 Natrium Phosphoricum Decimal 6 – Food Supplement Containing Sodium Contents No.9 Natrium phosphoricum D6 (sodium phosphate) – salt of acid-base balance. Mineral salt of Natrium phosphoricum regulates the acid-base balance in the body, supports the body’s metabolism, is involved in the metabolism (synthesis, cleavage and transformation of substances), is effective at high acidity, […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 8

Actomins Salt Nr 8 Natrium Chloratum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.8 Natrium Chloratum Decimal 6 – Food Supplement Containing Sodium Contents No.8 Natrium chloratum D6 (sodium chloride) – salt of water balance. Natrium chloratum regulates water balance, helps to eliminate swelling and eliminates the effects of dehydration. Because of these properties, Natrium chloratum is indicated for people who have impaired water balance in the […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 7

Actomins Salt Nr 7 Magnesium Phosphoricum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.7 Ferrum Phosphoricum Decimal 12 – Food Supplement Containing Ferrum Contents No.7 Magnesium phosphoricum D6 (magnesium phosphate) – salt of muscle and nerve tissues. Magnesium phosphoricum regulates the transmission of nerve impulses and the contraction of smooth and striated muscle prevents excessive muscle contraction, eliminates spasms and cramping. Because of these properties, Magnesium phosphoricum […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 6

Actomins Salt Nr 6 Kalium Sulphuricum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.6 Kalium Sulphuricum Decimal 6 – Food Supplement Containing Kalium Contents No. 6 Kalium sulphuricum D6 (potassium sulphate) is traditionally used at the third stage of inflammation – proliferation (cell division and formation of extracellular matrix to restore damaged tissues) as well as in chronic inflammation. Kalium sulphuricum activates regeneration processes of inflamed mucous […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 5

Actomins Salt Nr 5 Kalium Phosphoricum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.5 Kalium Phosphoricum Decimal 6 – Food Supplement Containing Phosphor Contents No.5 Kalium phosphoricum D6 (potassium phosphate) – salt of the central and peripheral nervous system. It helps to balance the psycho-emotional state, stabilizes the nervous system and improves concentration and memory. Kalium phosphoricum is used for the treatment of general malaise after acute […]

Actomins® Salts Nr. 4

Actomins Salt Nr 4 Kalium Chloratum

ACTOMINS® Salts Nr.4 Kalium Chloratum Decimal 6 – Food Supplement Containing Potassium and Chlorine Contents No.4 Kalium chloratum D6 (potassium chloride) is traditionally used in the second stage of inflammation – exudation (yield of liquid part of blood through the vascular wall into the inflamed tissue), which is characterized by local symptoms of lesions of the […]