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Quality Control

Each packaging material, active substance and auxiliary substance used in production processes are tested according to the specified specifications starting from the admission. While the products that are found suitable as a result of the tests go on through the production process, the unsuitable products are returned or destroyed in accordance with the procedures. Regardless of the legislation or standard, all products pass the tests determined and validated chemically, physically and microbiologically. Products that comply with the specified specifications in the semi-product process are transferred to the filling and packaging process. The finished products go through to the laboratory for analysis before being dispatched.

R&D and Innovation

ACTO® GmbH has an expert R&D team and laboratory that has the required technology to perform all chemical and microbiological tests. The primary goal of the R&D department is to follow the ever-changing market, to lead the market in the light of scientific data and to develop new products according to customer needs. The product range is constantly improved and renewed by following new technologies and literatures. Current ideas and techniques in the international market are combined with product experiences from many countries of the world and used as inputs in continuous improvement activities.

Contract Manufacturing

ACTO® GmbH has continued its contract manufacturing activities to produce high quality products with an understanding based on customer satisfaction and good manufacturing practices. Our production facility, which has an indoor area of approximately 20,000 sqm, has the capacity to quickly respond to the demands of high quantities of products from different sectors with its modern equipment, laboratories and office areas